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The Float Trip
Every year, dad would treat all of his employees to a float trip at some time in the summer. It was a great opportunity for the employees to see each other as there were two different locations. I was pretty newly married and Diana was with me (on her first float trip with dad). Morning arrived and we were all down at the water putting in our canoes. Diana, looking forward to it, was a little impatient with me because I hadn't really moved much. Finally, all of the others had put in except for dad and my canoe. Diana was saying, "Come on, let's go!". I told her, "Just a minute more." and waited for dad to get in his canoe and put out. As was his practice, it was halfway up the bank, filled with coolers, dad, Jane, and Jane's daughter sitting in the middle. It was pointed towards the shore.  Dad usually tried to take the easy way out in a canoe and it always caused him to work harder. They started digging and pushing back with the paddles to get started. The boat began to move, slowly. They kept pushing and finally it got into water about 10 to 12 inches deep. One more dig . . . . and they all went over. Less than 5 feet off the shore, they spilled the whole mess. Coolers, life jackets, paddles, cans of beer all began floating down the river. Everyone around went into save the cooler mode. Once they stood up in the river, it was apparent that Jane and her daughter were upset with dad. Everything got loaded back into the canoe and I held it in the shallow water so that they could get in and going. Jennifer (her daughter) decided to go with us because she didn't want to tip again. Diana understood my 'slow' start. I wasn't disappointed!

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