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I Still Can't Believe It
Recently John an I went to have lunch at the Hibachi Grill ( a Chinese buffet). I think the food is great -veggies, fruit, breads, lots of different kinds of dessert - just about anything you want, shrimp and chicken 50 different ways. well, maybe not 50, but close. Anyway, John went in with his walker. When the waiter took us to our table, a gentleman rushed up and pulled out his chair for him. I thanked him and he went on back to his booth. John decided he wouldn't use his walker at the buffet, so I went with him and held the plate. He hung on to me and put the food he wanted on the plate. Apparently others were watching. After eating a bunch the waitress finally brought our check and the fortune cookies. As we were reading our fortunes, the 25.00 ticket was abruptly snatched from our table. I was at a loss for words and sat there trying to figure it out. It was the guy who had pulled out  John's chair. I saw him standing up near the cash register, so I went up to him and said, "You didn't need to do that." He said, "Yeh, I know, but I wanted to." I cannot for the life of me remember what else I said at that point, but finally at the end I said, "May God bless you." He said, "I think He already has." With that we hugged each other and he  left. I'm still in awe, and think of him often. Now I feel like I should do something similar. What a wonderful person he must be.

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