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Mud Pies
Tom and I were both born in Columbia, MO and lived there quite a while. At one point we lived across the street from our cousins, Donnie Ray and Sharon Hope. We played together a lot. Tom was still pretty little (my BABY brother) so he wasn't with us so much. I wasn't allowed to cross the street without an adult because I might get hit by a car. (there were probably 2 or 3 all day). I did it a few times anyway and I would see mom come out the door, break off a switch from the tree, and head my way.  Not a pleasant experience, and you'd think I would figure that out. But playing with my cousins was more fun, so I took my chances. If it rained they would come over to my side of the street and we'd go to the empty lot next door. There was a great spot for making mud pies. We would make a bunch. I don't know if it was the name "pies" attached to it or not. But Donnie would always eat one.

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