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The Fox
Way back when the Fox went to a union meeting. There was a vote called for by the union boss on a motion that the Fox didn't vote for.  The union boss poked fun at the Fox.  The Fox got up and left the meeting after telling his riders he would wait for them in the car.  After the meeting the guys came out to the car.  Among them was the boss who still poked fun at the Fox through his open car window.  The boss reached through the open window and smacked the Fox so the story goes.  That was a mistake.  The Fox got upset and tried to get out of the car which the boss was holding shut.  The Fox shoved the door open with his foot damaging the door and the boss.  The Fox did a bit more damage to the boss.  No one offered to take the boss to a first aide station so the Fox did. The Fox was a caring person but one shouldn't upset him.

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