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Doubling Up (Almost) at Dewey Lake (Recovered)
I don't remember the year or the occasion. Just the event. We (everyone, it seems) were at the cabin on Dewey and someone (can't remember who) asks, "Who wants to go fishing?" It was a bums rush down to the dock where 7 of us showed up. Normally not a problem, except for the fact that it was a four man boat. Someone (don't know who) said, "No problem. We can all fit." So, Paul, Kyle, Dave, Little David, Andy, Denny and I all pile into the boat. I'm not sure that we didn't grease up first so we could all squeeze in. I remember motoring (slowly), making our way to the other side of the lake at the far end casting lures as we went. I DO remember thinking that the water was unusually close to the top of the gunwales. We were on the far side in a cove when someone (probably Dave) caught a fish. A lot of excitement ensued, and I turned just in time to see one brother-in-law, who WAS standing fall into another brother-in-law. I remember thinking that the nose of the boat looked like it was coming up at a heretofore never seen rise. I knew we were in an unusual place. Especially as water started pouring in over the back corner where two bodies were struggling to upright themselves. As the boat continued to rise in the front the angle was such that all of the boats occupants were tossed out. I remember Paul, all of 12? at the time saying, "Hey dad, what should I do with this?" as he held up the tackle box. I was holding Kyle, about 8 and 2 fishing poles. There was flotsam and jetsam all around us. (Actually just a floating gas can and a couple oars.) We were about 15 yards from the shore and we all swam that way with the items we managed to save. Depositing our treasures on shore we all went back to rescue the boat. Apparently, lines from the boat were floating (or someone stayed back holding them). We grabbed the lines and tried to pull while swimming. It was pretty tough going. By that time, Davy (even another brother-in-law) was there in his boat watching the activity. After struggling for a minute or two with the boat he said, "You might do better if you pull in the anchor." Arrgghhh! We finally managed to get the boat to shore next to a dock. We put the boat across the dock upside down to empty it of water when the dock owner came out. We apologized for getting his dock wet and for using it when he said, "That's ok. It happens all the time." I did a head shake and an internal "What!!?" but kept it to myself. These northerners could be crazy and I don't want to set them off. We were concerned for the motor because, as we were dragging it to shore, it bubbled and gurgled a lot. We righted the boat (looking cleaner than it had in years) hooked up the gas and it started right up. Apparently none of us were fast learners as I recall we all wedged ourselves back in the boat and motored (slowly) back to the dock. That\'s my memory. What say the rest of you who were there?

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