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The Fox (Recovered written by The Unc)
Once upon a time, a long time ago, my uncle told me a story about the Fox. Now the Fox was my Dad and Mikes Granddad.  The Fox was a quiet and caring man with a bit of a temper.  As the story goes the Fox and some of his working buddies went to a union meeting.  During the meeting there was a vote called on a proposition.  The Fox was one of the few in opposition of the proposition.  The Union Boss made some disparaging remarks to those in opposition.  Rather than getting into an argument with the boss the Fox quietly got up and left the room. He told his buddies he would wait for them in the car.  When the meeting was over and the crowd was walking by the Fox sitting in his car the Union Boss made some disparaging remarks directed at the Fox as well as reaching through the open car window and slapping the Fox. That was a mistake. The Fox tried to open the car door which the Boss was holding shut so the Fox kicked the door open injuring the Boss a little. The Boss was injured a little bit more by the Fox and the crowd walked away. No one would help the Boss because of what he had said and done to the Fox.  So the Fox being a caring man put the Boss in his car and took him to the first aid station.  The Fox was a quiet and caring man with a bit of a temper.

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