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The Art Of The 'Get Off'
Andy, you might have to verify or correct, but here goes:

One summer we (Diana and I) went up north for a visit. A group of guys got together and went out to shoot some shotguns. I believe there was Dave, David, Andy, Tucker, Elmer, Paul and I present. (I apologize if I've missed anyone. If so, please respond with a post.) Not only did we have some fun with a shotgun but Andy brought a little motorcycle that he bought for Tucker (I think). A lot of people took turns and it came around to me. This bike couldn't have been more than 18-20" off the ground and was much shorter when you were on it than it appeared. I managed to get my (less than limber) 6' plus body on it and start moving. Through the brush, over a trail, down a dirt driveway, it was a blast! I figured my turn had come to an end when it hit me: I was so balled up I was unable to get my feet off the pegs. So, I did the next most graceful thing. I rode into some taller grass, hit the brakes, came to a complete stop and just fell over. Shades of Benny Hill! (For you youngers, Google Benny Hill and tricycle.)

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