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A Day in the Park
One day when we were on the highway on our way back  from the Golden Coral in St. Charles we noticed a turn that went to Creve Coeur Park. We had been wanting to go there as they were selling some trees we were interested in.  So this turn into the park was perfect. We got into the park and began to look for a road to the tree sale. We needed to get to the other side of the park. After looking for a while, we turned onto a road that we figured would take us in the right direction. It was a very narrow road but there were no other cars, so we figured we wouldn't have a problem. Suddenly we saw a lot of people coming and some bikers. Oh, no!!! We were on the walking trail. We slowed to a crawl. I kept rolling down my window as we passed people, apologizing and telling them we were lost.  Most were very understanding, but we did get the stink eye from a few.  Finally we spied a parking lot, but to get there we had to cross over the creek on an arched bridge. We were quite concerned because that bridge had been built for walkers. Would it hold a car?  We gritted our teeth and headed for the bridge.  Praise the Lord, we got across, went into the parking lot, found the exit, and went straight home.

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