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To The 'Big House' (In Farmington)
I guess everyone loved it in Farmington. Some liked it so much they bought a house to stay there. After the Unc sold his house he bought a mobile home outside of Farmington. The name of the town escapes me bit I do remember it was next to Sam Scism Ford. (Weird, right!) Many a weekend we (mom and I) would head down and stay in the trailer. It got really interesting when the Fox and Nana were there at the same time. Apparently, they loved it there too and bought a house. Nana still had a job in St. Louis and would stay with us through the week and then head down to Farmington for the weekend. The house (mentioned in other stories) was an old two story farm house with an unusual floor plan that needed work. The upstairs had a unique layout. Perhaps a story for another entry (or another person. Unc, mom, any takers?) Anyway, from what I can remember, the farmhouse had a porch that went all the way around, had a stairway in the midddle going to its half story above, was basically square in shape and had a particularly spooky basement (to a 8 to 10 year old). The Fox, working his magic,  probably more than doubled its size, made a whole story above, not half and added significantly more room. Story has it, he went around the top story with a chainsaw to remove it and build it better. That was the Fox. No problem too hard. I will say though, that the basement was still spooky! 
We spent a lot of time there hunting, fishing, learning to drive, gardening and croquet. Even got a dog he named Poop-doopy. (The vet asked the name of his 'visitor' and that's what he came up with.
Again, another story.
Gosh, I can't even remember all that. How about you, Tom?  My memory is as old as I am.

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