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Linda's Dog
One year, long ago, a friend of mine, Diana and I went to visit Scott and Linda in Climax Springs where they were teaching at the time. We went there for the girls to visit and us to get ready for deer season. While we were driving around in Scott's pickup checking out the area, Jesse (I believe the name was) was running from side to side in what I would describe as a frenzy. As we were traveling down a gravel road ( as all but one was in Climax Springs) at about 40 MPH. The road had steep shoulders and there was tall grass right next to the road.  I asked Scott if he was worried about the dog falling out of the truck. He looks at me, smiles and said, "No, she's never fallen out and loves to go for rides in the truck." Literally, about 5 seconds after that, I noticed movement in the rear view mirror. I turned to see the dog rolling down the shoulder like a tire into the grass. I said, "Scott, the dog just fell out of the truck!" He whips around, sees an empty bed and slams on the brakes. Gravel goes everywhere. He throws it in reverse, backs up to where the dog tumbled out and slams on the brakes. Gravel goes everywhere. Scott was shaken. Scott says, "That was Linda's dog. She's gonna kill me." We all tumble out of the cab and rush into the grass. We started combing everywhere. I notice movement out of the corner of my mind and look up on the road. The dog was staggering around like she was drunk. Scott lifted her into the back of the truck where she laid down and didn't move a muscle the rest of the trip.

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