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Vacation Economy
When I was younger than about 12 or so, we used to vacation with another family. Dad. mom and I would be in one car and The Morrow's, Tom, Rosie, Vicky and Tommy would be in another. I remember one trip to the west (Colorado) that we took. Apparently, there was always some bet going on between dad and Tom. I guess this one had to do with gas mileage. Dad had a Grand Prix and Tom had some type of Ford. As a result, as we went in and out of the mountains, we did so with the air off and the windows down. It wasn't too bad, even though it was summer, because we were in the mountains. We had walkie talkies and we would talk with each other between the cars. At one point we were on the highway and we were about to overtake Tom's car. As we got close, I remember dad rolling up the windows and telling us all to look cool. After we passed, we could roll down the windows again. I don't know if the ruse worked, but it sure makes me smile to think about.

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