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No You Don't!
After being married to Diana for a few years, we would make a point to go up north every summer. It was a nice break for me. When we visited, I would always make some time to go shooting with some of her family. The first time I took my .44 up there, of course, I had to shoot it. I was talking about how powerful it was, how you could deer hunt with it (handgun hunting was a pretty new idea), and how accurate it was. I kept getting resistance from everybody. We were shooting about 25 yards and having a good old time. As we left and were walking back to the car, we had to walk through a dump.  About a hundred yards off was the top to a washing machine. I told Elmer I could hit it from that distance. He said, "Let me go stand over by it and tell you how short your shot is." I immediately brought the gun up, cocked the hammer and fired. Direct hit! At which point, he was silent for a second (that was a big deal) and he uttered, "Hm". Nobody gave me any grief about handgun hunting after that.

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