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Memory as a child Dogs and Ticks
I was about 10 years old (or so) and I remember spending a LOT of time in Farmington. I loved it there. Initially, the Unc had a house on a lake. I could fish, shoot, goof off. It was great! One really vivid memory has to do with the Unc and the Fox (my maternal grandfather). It was summer and both the Unc and Fox were in the house. Doors were left open a lot because of no? air conditioning or it just wasn't that hot or we were just used to it. I was walking by the door in the basement, heard talking and the occasional click of something that sounded like two rocks being hit together. I stood in the doorway and saw what was happening. The Unc and the Fox were both sitting on opposite ends of a cot. The Unc had his dog's color in one hand and was digging ticks off with the other. When he found a tick, he'd put it on the concrete floor where the Fox sat poised with a hammer. The tick hit the ground, the Fox smashed the tick. This went on for some time. Longer than I had the desire to watch. But, I remember it like I just came from there.

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