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4th of July, Trailer Style
It was over the week of July 4th probably about 17 years ago. The four of us, Diana, Paul, Kyle and I went on a vacation out to the west coast with our trailer. We reached the thriving metropolis of Sydney, NE when the trailer decided to lose an axle. Well, it didn't fall off but the bearings in the axle seized up causing one of the wheels to no longer turn. That seemed to be a problem. That and the smoke billowing out from the dragging tire. After a little panic (the thought  was where there is smoke there is fire, no fire thankfully) we managed to get a call to a towing service. Out came a truck from Rood's Tire Service in Sydney, and, after blocking up the wheel somehow, escorted us back to town. He took us to the lot of Rood's right off of the main street. When we were parked, dumped the trailer and figured out the problem he reported that we would need a new axle and it would be three days before we got one air freighted to us. (I saw dollar signs.) I asked him where we could stay and he responded, "That's your home there, ain't it?" pointing to the trailer. "Just stay there." He ran an extension cord out to us. We were on the lot, which was a bit higher than the street with the trailer sideways to the street just above the sidewalk. We got out our little grill, grilled for a couple days in the parking lot. On the fourth of July, there was a car parade down the main drag that we had a front row seat to. We got out our folding chairs and sat around the fire a couple of nights. We drove into town and went to the public pool. That way we could swim AND get a shower. We hit a restaurant and a laundromat. We also discovered that Cabella's was based in Sydney. Despite the 'campground' we had a pretty full time. We almost hated to leave. Almost. Best of all, on the way out of town there was a dump station for the trailer.

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