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Crash (Recovered written by Sandl)
When we first moved to St. Louis we lived in the Clinton Peabody Projects in the city. It was relatively new and the apartments were quite nice. We lived on the second floor and it was a long staircase down to the front door. I was about 9 or 10 and Tom was four years younger. He was learning to ride his new tricycle and rode around our apartment.  One day - and I don't know if it was planned or an accident, -  but he rode that trike down those stairs. I can't remember what happened with that, but he's still here.
Tom, if you have any corrections or additions to make to this, please feel free to post them. Also, what was your outcome from that trip down the stairs?

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Crash (Recovered written by Sandl) - by schwei - 01-17-2021, 03:06 PM

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