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That's a Fast Old Man - schwei - 01-13-2021

I was about 10 years old and down in Farmington. Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed being there? It was winter and the lake behind the Unc's house was frozen over. It was reasonably thick (for Missouri) and, to my surprise, the Fox owned a pair of ice skates. I can't remember if the Unc was there but for sure the Fox and I went to the lake to goof off. I remember sliding all over the ice having a great time. I spent time watching the Fox as he just skated EVERYWHERE. He really looked like he was relaxed and having a pretty good time. We went over to a part of the lake that had these land 'fingers' with water on three sides. (Think small peninsulas.) I remember, sliding around with the Fox in the corner of my eye. I remember hearing a crack and I remember not seeing the Fox where he was anymore. It wasn't what you think! I heard a noise behind me, I turned and he must have been moving 30 MPH towards the shore. Even at that young age, I WAS IMPRESSED!! He could really move.