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Full Version: Biddy (Recovered written by Sandi)
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When Tom and I were kids, one of the favorite things to get at Easter was a baby chick. They were dyed in all different colors. I often wonder how many of them survived. Baby chicks are so fragile, and once kids took them out of the gift box,well, ____ who knows?  Well, one year at Easter we got one of those little chicks.  She was so sweet and solid pink and we treated her with TLC.  We named her Biddy, and she grew to be the biggest chicken you ever saw and she turned solid white.  She would follow you around and if you sat down, she would just jump right up in your lap to sit - and maybe go to sleep.  She didn't know she was a chicken. Maybe she thought she was a puppy.

The time came when it just didn't work out to have a chicken in an apartment in the city, so we took her to the country to our grandparents farm. We figured she'd be happy to join a bunch of her kind. Big mistake! She didn't know what all those critters were, who responded to cockadoodledoo, laid eggs, and spent the day pecking at the ground. 
We had to put her in the fenced-in yard all by herself.  When someone came, she would run out to meet them and if anyone sat down, she was right up there in their lap.
   It was a sad time when Biddy left us for chicken heaven.