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Full Version: Tornado Alley (Recovered)
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When The Unc's house was hit by a tornado it was a weird deal. The entire roof was removed with the exception of a bedroom and the bathroom. At night we slept in the good bedroom after walking down a hallway that was open to the sky. I remember seeing bats flying around. In the morning, with light I remember seeing house contents scattered all over the yard and was told that it was even on theĀ far side of a large lake. One part of the hallway had a 2x4 across the top and setting on the board was about 18" of chimney. The entire square! I was told, "DO NOT WALK THERE!". The kitchen table had the grocery list still on it while the rest of the room was in disarray. Phone poles in the area had grass driven into them like little spears. People were driving by looking to pick up what they could find. I don't know if they were looking for their stuff or just what they could find. Things were everywhere. The kicker was that The Unc had just sold the house. Obviously, that sale fell through. He collected the insurance money, rebuilt it a little bigger and better and sold it for more. He knows how to come through.