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Full Version: Whoopup (Recovered written by Sandi)
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Both my maternal and paternal grandparents lived on farms, so we spent a lot of time on farms --summers, weekends, holidays. Once when I was at the Dothage farm I had the following experience. Don't remember how old I was - maybe 6 or 7. Grandpa and I were going to Whoopup. (so named because people would go there to whoop it up). We had to pick up the mail there. So grandpa and I got on the horse and headed off. Whoopup is a crossroad and a farm store. That was it. The store had a porch clear across the front with chairs and checker games. Kind of like today's Cracker Barrel. I always got a nickel to spend, so I would get candy or a "sody pop". This particular day when we arrived at the farm store there were some old men sitting on the porch playing checkers. One of them looked up and said, "Well, here comes Gus and Manuel's girl."