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Full Version: WhoopUp
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The nearest town to my grandparents' farm was WhoopUp (so named because on Saturday night everyone would go there to whoop it up). WhoopUp consisted of a crossroad and a general store on one corner. That was it! There was a porch across the front of the store with chairs and checkerboards - much like today's Cracker Barrel. ( remember we're talking 70+years ago).  Mail for all the surrounding farms was dropped off at the general store. It was always fun for me to go to the store with Grandpa because I could get either a red sody pop or some candy. It cost grandpa about a dime each time we went, but that's what you do - spend a lot of money on your grandkids.  

One day Grandpa and I got on the horse and headed for WhoopUp to pick up the mail at the general store.  When we got within sight of the store, we could see two old guys sitting on the porch playing checkers. One of them waved, then said to his friend in a loud voice, "Well, here comes Gus and Manuel's girl."