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Full Version: The Irish Warrior
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I was young. So young I don't remember how young I was. I do remember it was summer and I was running around the Unc's lake house in Farmington goofing off as I did so well. I also remember about 4 or 5 geese taking a sudden interest in me as I was in the back yard. They apparently were not happy with me, started hissing and chasing me. Even at a young age, I knew that it was probably a good time to clear the area, so I headed towards the house. I remember seeing a door open and Nana comes running out with a broom held high and a 'Goose for Supper' look on her face. Apparently, they saw it too. I don't remember her saying anything but was very glad I was NOT a goose, just then. My hero right then was a 5'1" woman, going maybe 100 lbs, wielding a broom more ferociously than any sword. A memory not forgotten.