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Full Version: Biddy
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Back in the 30's and 40's it was common at Easter for kids to get baby chicks in their Easter baskets with the eggs. The chicks were dyed in all different colors too, and cute as could be. Unfortunately I don't imagine most of them lived very long with them being played with - probably not easily either.
One year Tom and I got one. She was pink and just darling. We were so careful with her and she survived. We named her Biddy. Biddy grew into the biggest chicken you ever saw. Just huge. Of course the pink was gone and she was solid white. I don't think she understood that she was a chicken. Probably more like a dog. She followed us around the house all day and anytime someone sat down, she jumped up to nestle in their lap.
The day finally came when we decided that having a chicken in the city in an apartment just didn't work, so we took her to our grandparent's  farm. 
We put her in the area with all the other chickens. That didn't work either, because not knowing she was a chicken she didn't understand pecking at the ground all day, laying eggs, and ROOSTERS. We had to put her in the fenced yard alone. That was okay, though, because she could follow my grandparents and visitors around (and we were there a lot), and  if anybody sat down, she'd jump up in their lap.
It was a sad day when Biddy finally went to chicken heaven.
I'm not sure, but I think it was actually a better story this time around. Good job!! Keep it up.