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Full Version: The Overload
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A while ago Many years ago A few years back we had quite a bit of the Hanson family at the Hanson Family Shores (The cabin on Dewey Lake). At the time, there existed an aluminum boat. It had a closed bow and three wooden plank seats (or was it two?). Funny, I can't remember how many seats but I recall that it had the name 'Cadillac' on it. It was used heavily for fishing and if everyone in the boat coordinate their movements, it could accommodate 3 people. This particular summer day, someone suggested that we go fishing and EVERYONE wanted to go. The group attempted to get paired down and the best anyone could come up with was seven. I remember someone, (can't remember who), volunteered to remain back. I also remember, (again can't remember who), suggesting that we could all make it, no problem. So after some careful planning (sarc) seven of us with our gear managed to get into the boat and start motoring off. If memory serves, Paul, Kyle, Big Dave, Little Dave, Andy, Denny, and I were the passengers of the SS Minnow. I envisioned images of the Keystone Cops with about 12 guys hanging on to a car, arms flailing, and general disorganization. While the boat did float, it's speed was noticeably slower than normal. We fished our way around some of the lake and got into a little bay at the far end. All I can remember at this point is hearing the sound of a base drum, turning to see what undoubtedly was two people (brother-in-laws) falling back to back and thinking that the angle of the boat's bow was unusual. Turning to look back again, I saw water starting to stream over the side in the rear corner. Seconds later, we are all swimming. Paul, who was probably 12 at the time, said, "What should I do with these?" and holds a tackle box up in each hand. I suggested he not let go. I believe the kids had on life jackets so that was not a concern. The kids went to the shore which was about 10 yards away while the adults tried moving the boat to shore. We tried swimming with it for a bit of time, seemingly making no progress. I do remember watching bubbles stream from the motor and a bunch of gurgling noises. About this time, Davy shows up in his boat and was standing on his foredeck, towering over us watching us work. I don't recall an offer of help, just a smile. A little later he suggests that we would probably do a better job if we got the anchor off the bottom and put it in the boat. AArrgghh!! Once we got the anchor, moving the boat to shore WAS significantly easier. Once at the shore, we raised the boat onto a dock in an effort to tip it over and drain the water from it. As we're doing this, what I assume is the owner comes over to us. Apparently, they were in their yard watching the show. We apologized for using his dock. I'll always remember what he said. "Don't worry. It happens all the time." 
After draining the boat was the big fear of how messed up the engine was. Three pulls later, some of us are motoring back to the dock in the 'Minnow'. The good thing, the boat was much cleaner!
I'm sure my recollection differs from some of yours. I would love to hear how.