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Full Version: Follow That . . .
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I was 18 years old and mom and John took both Linda and me to Germany for a vacation. It was a great trip. It was made even better by some 'occurrences'. As we drove around in our rented car, the folks generally sat in the back and navigated. Linda or I would drive. After driving through several towns, somebody commented how Einbahnstrasse was a popular street name in Germany. Being the only one who knew (very little) German, when I was done laughing , I pointed out how that meant One Way Street. During one 'town navigation' incident, we were kind of lost. All of a sudden, John says, "Follow that statue!" pointing to one at the far end of the street. Finally, Linda was driving, faithfully following directions. People gathered all around the car waving their hands and saying "Stop". Apparently, the directions led her straight onto a walking mall. Lots of good memories from that trip.