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A Day at the Park
A few days ago we visited one of our large parks as they were having a sale on some plants. We were on the highway so we decided to enter the park from there, which we had never done. The park is very large and we had to get to the other side.  We didn't know how to go so just kept driving. Finally we came to a roadway and quickly turned on to it. It was a narrow road but no traffic - except for a gob of hikers and bikers.  Yep. We were on the pedestrian road. No place to pull off or turn around, so we just kept going. I rolled down the window and from time to time said, "Sorry, we're lost. Most people just smiled and laughed, but there were a few who gave us the stink eye and a few hand gestures. We finally came to the end of the thing and just headed home.
This must run in the family. I seem to remember a vacation in Germany where Linda was driving in much the same environment only to find we were in a pedestrian area.

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